Lottery to pay winner £10,000 a month

LOTTERY bosses have launched a new game – Set For Life – giving winners the chance to pocket £10,000 a month for 30 years tax free. Players who match five numbers and one Life Ball can live off the bumper windfall for the next three decades – all for just £1.50 a go.

Draw operator Camelot said it was the first pension-style draw-based game they had introduced in the UK. They have proved popular overseas. The National Lottery hopes the game will appeal to younger people, who may want to “upgrade” their lifestyle. A spokesman said: “It appeals to a different kind of player.

“There are a good number of people who like the stability of regular monthly payments.

“They could really relate it to their bucket list of experiences they have.

“They could see how it could upgrade their current lifestyle.”

The top prize payments will not be adjusted for inflation over time but would remain a fixed sum Camelot said.

Set For Life players will choose five numbers from one to 47 and a Life Ball from one to 10, with prizes from £5 for matching two numbers.

Online draws will be held every Monday and Thursday.

Major winners would be provided with individual legal and financial advice, including on what would happen if they died before the 30 years were up.

The remaining value would go into the estate of the winner if they died, said the spokesman.

Launching the new game coincides with the 25th anniversary of the lottery’s foundation.

In that time it has raised more than £39billion for good causes.

Over the same period, the National Lottery has created more than 5,100 millionaires or multimillionaires.

Earlier this month, a couple from Northern Ireland were revealed as the winners of a £115million EuroMillions win – the fourth biggest in British history.

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