How To Learn Web Development online

Web development is one of the 21st Century’s most sought-after skills, but with so much to learn it can be quite daunting. After all, coding is quite literally like learning a different language, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of ways to get started, whether you’re an absolute beginner with no prior experience in coding or development or someone who has dabbled in it but wants to further their knowledge.

Perhaps you’re looking to learn how to build a website from the ground up or improve a website that’s already been developed by yourself or others by learning new code or software. You should begin by getting a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and build your knowledge out from there.

Online courses for web developers

One of the simplest, cheapest and most effective ways to get started with web development is to enroll in an online course. Udemy has several much-loved courses with hundreds of thousands of students enrolled on them.

The most popular is The Web Developer Bootcamp. It has almost 100,000 ratings that equate to an almost perfect score, and there are almost 350,000 students enrolled on the course at the time of writing.

For a one-off cost of just £9.99/$9.99 as part of Udemy’s New Year Sale, The Web Developer Bootcamp offers 46 hours of on-demand video, 71 articles, 85 downloadable resources and a certificate of completion, so there will be plenty to keep you busy. You can take as long as you need – you’ll have lifetime access to any course you buy from Udemy.

After an overall introduction to front-end development, you’ll move on to introductions to HTML and CSS followed by intermediate lectures for both. You’ll also find an introduction to JavaScript and deep dives into JavaScript basics such as Control Flow, Functions, Arrays and Objects.

In addition, there are lectures on Bootstrap, DOM Manipulation, JQuery and more.

Some of the lectures encourage you to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from previous tutorials to practical tasks and projects using the downloadable resources provided. Projects include creating a browser-based game, writing applications, creating responsive landing pages and a photographer’s portfolio page.

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While The Web Developer Bootcamp is one of the most popular and comprehensive you’ll find, it isn’t the only course available. Also very popular is The Complete Web Developer Course, which also has a very high rating and to covers HTML, CSS, Javascript and more across more than 30 hours of on-demand video and 141 articles.

Similarly, The Complete Web Developer in 2018: Zero to Mastery is very highly rated, with almost 30 hours of video, 101 articles and 67 downloadable assets to help you learn how to build your own websites and applications.

Other courses to consider include:

  • Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!
  • Pre-Programming: Everything you need to know before you code

If you’ve already mastered the basics and want to dig deeper into more specific elements of web development and coding, you might also like to take a look at some of the following popular courses:

  • The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp
  • The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap
  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
  • Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and more!

You can watch a preview of each of the courses before you sign up, and Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that’ll put your mind at rest if you’re not completely sure it’s for you.

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